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waltonwalter 09-05-19 10:34 PM

Army Hospital Corps/Medical Staff Corps.
Does anyone know the cap badges for these two units please.

Bill A 09-05-19 11:17 PM

Hello waltonwalter, welcome to the Forum. Your account is active and open for posts. Members of the Forum may have some answers for you.

Milmed 10-05-19 05:35 AM

See this thread for pictures of MSC and AHC badges. They essentially wore the same badge exept for the lower scroll reading either 'Army Hospital Corps' or 'Medical Staff Corps'

waltonwalter 12-05-19 09:31 PM

Thanks Milmed,
Have gone through the thread,very interesting badges.The reason for my request was I have a Victorian medal group to the Army Hospital Corps.I like to have a badge to go with it.
Thanks again.

Milmed 13-05-19 03:12 AM

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This is the design of badge you would be needing. The lower scroll reads 'Army Hospital Corps' and is an extremely hard badge to find.

The same design of badge was used by MSC but the lower scroll reads 'Medical Staff Corps' and is a more common badge, but unfortunately widely faked.

My AHC badge has been silver plated somewhere in its life, but i am not sure why. It should be brass/gilding metal. The crown badges in the picture where worn as collar badges (a generic collar badge of the period)


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