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pontecagnano 20-04-22 02:15 PM

Rhodesian Air Force Stable Belt
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Can anyone assist with information regarding the attached Rhodesian Air Force stable belt please?

I'd be interested to know by whom it was worn. I would say it's a low volume item and the belt material is constructed from individual strips of material, rather than woven canvas webbing. The size would indicate a male belt. The badge is a post UDI anodised beret badge. I have never seen another example of this belt and a number of knowledgeable Rhodesian collectors are unfamiliar with it. It doesn't appear in Dudley Wall's books. I am currently searching RhAF images on the Web but no luck so far. Definitely a mystery item. :confused:

Many thanks,

Alex Rice 21-04-22 05:49 AM

Never seen that before, I have asked a friend who specializes in Rhodie stuff, so I'll see what he says.

Alex Rice 21-04-22 11:11 AM

Hi Graham
The general consensus is that this is a fantasy item made to deceive. The fact that the badge is off centre doesn't help.

pontecagnano 21-04-22 09:24 PM

Hi Alex,
Many thanks for your response. Yes, it's quite possible that it's made up, although there are probably more sensational (and marketable) items to create if one is going to that amount of trouble. The subtle discolouration and wear has been very skilfully done if this is a fake although there are people out there who raise that sort of thing to an art form. If it's original I suspect it is part of a very small batch made in the Stores rather than produced by an external contractor which would also explain the off centre badge. I've seen British belts made up with generic plates not quite suited to the cap badge that exhibit the same tendency. I've been told the material is period Rhodesian. I didn't pay a lot for it and it came from a reputable source. I think I'll put it on the 'Unconfirmed' pile for the time being as I'm still awaiting input from several sources and searching images. We may yet be surprised.

Alex Rice 22-04-22 05:34 AM

Hi Graham
Yes, anything is possible and if I had it in my hands I may get a better idea. The cloth does look like the right stuff so maybe made as a trial piece or for a particular purpose.

akiko 22-04-22 10:10 AM

I'm repeating this. I don't know why but I will.
  • The Rhodesian Air Force never wore stable belts. They wore a dress belt if carrying a sword.
  • This has been made up for whatever reason which is anyone's guess. Toss a coin.
  • Just because something is made up it doesn't necessarily mean it was created to be sold or to deceive.
  • I believe Dudley's books show his extensive collection but of course, it doesn't cover everything including the number of belts worn by the Rhodesian Air Force.
  • Knowledgeable Rhodesian collectors? :eek:

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