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Vix Steel 15-05-22 11:44 PM

WW2 SA medals.
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I assume SA WW2 is difficult to research.
Picked up a group of medals, just seeing if anyone might have some info on this man.


dumdum 16-05-22 05:27 AM


I have faced a similar problem and was put onto a South African researcher who found the service file on a colleague's POW father and was able to give me info on another incomplete WW2 group (missing the war medal) that I still have. He was a POW also.

You've also nudged me as I have a WW1 SA pair and WW2 group to the same man that I would like to find out about.

So, long answer to your question but PM me and I can give you the details that I have for the researcher. The only caveat is that he seems to take a fair old age to complete the task but is a nice guy and it's not that expensive.

Alex Rice 16-05-22 05:42 AM

Yes, unfortunately none of the SA service records have been digitized, so you need a researcher to go to the archives for you.

Alex Rice 16-05-22 09:39 AM

Hi Vix
I have sent you a PM with the contact email for the researcher I use.

3battalion 16-05-22 11:46 AM

Hi Vix,

The soldier's number indicates service with the South Africa Medical Corps.


Milmed 16-05-22 12:20 PM


Originally Posted by 3battalion (Post 579238)
Hi Vix,

The soldier's number indicates service with the South Africa Medical Corps.


Are you sure about that Paul.

I see the number as 188014 which is in the HQ OC Troops Pietermaritzburg group and not SAMC

3battalion 16-05-22 03:27 PM

Hi Vix,

I have a list of SA service number blocks and the Units they were allocated to.

Your number fell into the SAMC Block, but your information seems very specific so I'd stick with your Unit.



Vix Steel 16-05-22 05:31 PM

Thanks for the replies.

Seems it might be more interesting then I figured.
Might try the researcher route to be certain.


dumdum 17-05-22 10:57 AM


Can anyone offer any insights into this WW2 Springbok:

47825 R.R.L. Duncan

Appears to have also served in WW1 as:

Pte R.R.L. Duncan 4th S.A.I.

Any ideas greatly appreciated as always! :)

Milmed 17-05-22 11:29 AM

All I can add is the block he attested to based on his number and that was the "Central Flying School"

dumdum 17-05-22 10:59 PM


Many, many thanks for that. Is it common not to have a rank on WW2 SA medals?

As I write this, I realise that I don't think the Canadians or Australians (to my knowledge, two of the few Commonwealth countries that officially named their WW2 medals) put ranks on their medals either.

He has the usual 39-45 Star, War medal, SA Service medal plus the Africa Star. If there was a bar on the Africa medal, it isn't there now as the previous owner has used that dreadful nylon ribbon to dress them up.

At least you have given me a starting point!

Alex Rice 18-05-22 05:28 AM

WWII SA medals only ever had the name and number.
Cheers, Alex

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