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zorgon 30-10-20 10:00 PM

Help in dating a Royal Signals black (very dark blue) beret
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I recently acquired this Officer’s black beret with provenance to Royal Signals but I don’t know the period of issue as I would like to match up the age-appropriate bullion patch. From the photos below, can anyone offer an opinion?
The original label from the inside center was removed at some point and the owner did write his name over the spot. A few faint letters remain of the "Kangol" sticker label. Out an abundance of caution and to protect his privacy (although it may not matter), I've blacked out the previous owners name. I'll pick up a bullion badge, contemporary to the beret once I date it. Fortunately, they don't appear to be expensive. I hope I've hit the highlight aspects of construction that one would need to narrow down a date. There are no other labels or inscriptions. It weighs about 100 gm if that's any help. I would assume the stitching pattern of the headband will give considerable information as will the buckram design to those in the know.

tynesideirish 30-10-20 10:21 PM

It looks to be an 80's beret by my reckoning.

bess55 30-10-20 10:30 PM

I would suggest it looks more like an other ranks beret.

engr9266 31-10-20 08:02 AM

To me it looks like a 70's issue KANGOL beret I was issued with the small leather badge slider holder.

Mike H 31-10-20 08:12 AM

I do remember the beret I was issued with in the 80s just had the reinforcing strip on it not the pocket.
Personally I cant see why a Royal Signals beret would need the pocket anyway as the badge was on short flat collar badge style lugs. It was hard to fit the backplate through just the strip without having to contend with the pocket as well. As for the cap,well that produced many hours of frustration as you were virtually working blind.

engr9266 31-10-20 09:35 AM

I think that when the QM Dept. requested a new supply of berets for their Unit they got what was on the RAOC stores shelfs regardless of Corps, Regt etc

MarkGD 31-10-20 10:00 AM

Agree with Jerry & Mike, this would be 70s/early 80's, Officers tended to have leather band, silk insert private purchase beret's but not all. Regards Mark

Alan O 31-10-20 10:44 AM

It was not uncommon for Late Entry officers to wear issued items as they did not get the same large Uniform Grant on commissioning. It is an issue beret.

zorgon 31-10-20 02:09 PM

A tip of the hat (yes, intended) to all of you for your input. I believe the previous owner of this beret, while he retired a senior Officer, had started out at the bottom, worked his up to a commission and beyond. If there were different styles issued to enlisted men and officers, he may well have been of the enlisted rank at the time. My mistake for the misleading comment about rank.

Thank you all for your thoughts. If I can eventually discover the exact date, I'll add it to this thread.

Alan O 31-10-20 02:15 PM

Officers were not supposed to be issued berets but bought their own. That is not to say they did not wear OR's ones when they could get them for free.

Third Tankie 31-10-20 04:25 PM

It was a common practice for Troop Sgts to look after deserving young Troop Leaders by exchanging their compatible worn out uniform items through the QM`s stores, if he was a horror it did not happen........:D

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