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Warmfield Man 20-03-19 12:40 PM

Royal Armoured Corps
I have just joined the forum today.
Having recently retired, I decided that I needed a hobby and having inherited my dads cap badges from his WW2 service in RTR, 2nd Lothians and Border Horse, 1st Derbyshire Yeomanry and Northumberland Hussars, I decided that I would start collecting badges from RAC regiments.
As someone new to this, I wasn't aware that there were so many fakes and reproductions out there. I shall read the forums with great interest to try to avoid the pitfalls!

Alan O 20-03-19 01:15 PM

Welcome to the Forum.

Unfortunately Yeomanry badges have been faked right form the early 1970s and remain one of the most faked areas of collecting.

By WW2 only a minority of yeomanry regiments were in the RAC as many had been re-roled to the Royal Artillery or even the Royal Signals. The 'senior' Yeomanry regiments had been converted to the Royal Tank Corps post WW1 and then transferred to the RAC. The Junior ones went elsewhere or in a few cases were disbanded entirely.



Warmfield Man 21-03-19 08:32 AM

Thank you for the warning.
The Yeomanry regiments that my dad served in were all armoured and part of the RAC during the war. He crewed Shermans in the 51st RTR and 2nd Lothians. When the Lothians were disbanded in Italy in 1945, he went to the 1st Derbyshire Yeomanry and crewed Staghounds. Then in the late 1940's until the mid 50's he was in the Northumberland Hussars, still as tank crew.

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