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michael1 31-07-21 01:13 AM

Glamorgan Imperial Yeomanry slouch hat flash post Boer War
Have any of you Welsh collectors or anyone else for that matter ever seen the slouch hat flash worn by the Glamorgan Imperial Yeomanry on the turned-up side of the slouch hat. I have only ever seen one photo showing the flash reasonably clearly. It consisted of a number of dark and white vertical stripes, the broadest central stripe being white and centred by a presumably green leek. Certain authors have guessed at the colours but this is pure speculation. Can anyone tell me if they have an actual example and if so please can they post an image, I would be eternally grateful, thanks in anticipation, failing that if anyone has conclusive evidence of the colours that would be great. On the internet there is a book or regimental diary of WWI era showing stripes in white, brown, yellow and red but this is considerably later and does not agree with the flash. The uniform was dark blue with white facings and a drab or khaki uniform with white braid was worn as embellished service dress but none of this really helps, I need to see an actual example

41st 31-07-21 11:15 AM

I don’t have a physical example of the slouch hat badge but do have a number of photos and plenty of historical regimental research. I’ll post some info when I get back home next week.

michael1 31-07-21 02:37 PM

Glamorgan imperial yeomanry slouch hat badge
Much appreciated, that would be wonderful

41st 10-08-21 01:02 PM

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This is the clearest photo I have. The research I have dates from as far back as the 60s and states that the colour of the patch worn on the turned up brim of the slouch hat was white with green stripes to the centre, left and right hand sides.
The same research states that a green embroidered leek was worn by officers on a patch of regimental ribbon, but the leek worn on the other ranks' slouch hats looks to be metal and similar to the pattern of leek later worn as collars by the Officers from 1908 on.

michael1 10-08-21 11:29 PM

Glamorgan Yeomanry slouch hat flash
Hello, thank you very much for taking the time to reply to my query. Green and white seems plausible, could I, out of curiosity, ask the source of your details of colours for the flash? Funnily enough the picture you have posted I know well, it belonged to my old and much missed friend Ron Harris who provided me with a copy of very same photo. Cheers, Michael

michael1 11-08-21 12:13 AM

Glamorgan IY field service cap
While still on this regiment I took a peek at your Glamorgan IY album, I don’t wish to be controversial but re the officer’s field service cap, does that bronze cap badge really belong to the cap, it looks like a marriage to me, Hawkes pattern book says it should be silver bullion on blue backing for the officer’s side cap.
What do you think?

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