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cazack 10-05-21 04:30 PM

16th NZEF Reinforcements Frame Type
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I have been reviewing my NZEF Reinforcement badges and trying to identify the frames type as per Geoffrey. J. Lowe's book (New Zealand Reinforcements Badges 1914-1918).

I noticed my 16th Reinforcements badge seems to be on a Type 10 which is stated should be found on the 10th - 14th NZEF Reinforcments.

Just wanted to see if this is a common accurance



atillathenunns 11-05-21 09:02 AM

Not common, it is most unusual, just checked my files and I have nothing past 14th Reinforcements.

cazack 11-05-21 07:39 PM


yes I agree as this is only time I have encounted a type 10 frame past the 14th, maybe it was a left over frame used with 16th numbers


omok1 11-05-21 07:53 PM

I have a couple of these types for 16ths, but as said they are an exception. This type of numeral configuration (and cut in heavy gauge brass) was also used by 17th and 18th Reinfs. Found on 3 different frame types.

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