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Stafford Knot 16-08-21 04:31 PM

Highlanders with six lugs
I obtained a silver plated example of the three-piece Highlanders bonnet badge.

The thistle and scroll are marked ‘F&S’ and ‘Firmin’, respectively - although ‘F&S’ are stamped as a mirror image. What is also odd is that the stags head has only two loops (east/west) on the antlers and is missing the loop on the back of the stags head that normally lines up with the loops on the scroll.

I know The Highlanders bonnet badge was reproduced in slightly different designs by jewellers for Officers and SNCOs. Has anyone come across an example like this with only two loops on the stags head and bearing ‘Firmins’ markings?

Stafford Knot 16-08-21 04:50 PM

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