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Jelly Terror 01-06-20 12:10 PM

White-metal East Surrey
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On behalf of a friend: the white-metal East Surrey badge below is approximately 3/4 the size of the regular East Surrey cap badge, and appears to be on loops. Could this perhaps be for walking out, possibly a band badge, or other?

With thanks,

(Apologies for the poor image - hope to post better pics when possible).

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High Wood 01-06-20 12:29 PM

I have a similar full size badge in my collection albeit with a King's Crown. I always assumed that it was worn by a Bandsman, but I have no evidence for this assumption. Your example may be a collar badge.

leigh kitchen 01-06-20 12:34 PM

Definitely w/m not chromed?
Churchill says the King's Crown bi metal collar was worn chromed by Regimental Police but the one your showing looks flat topped Victorian and not originally bi metal?
Even so, if chromed, an old badge used by RP?

Edit - I should have said Churchill the chromed collar is thought to have been used unofficially by the RP in the mid 1950's.

Churchill states that the ORs of the 3rd and 4th Battalions were formed from The 2nd and 3rd Royal Surrey Militia in 1881 and most probably wore a white metal version of the regulars collar.
The regulars collar of crown shield and star was introduced in 1894 as it was for the Militia officers in reversed colours silver and gilt.

The 3rd Surrey Rifle Volunteer Corps became 2nd Volunteer Battalion on 1/12/1887.
Their first collar badge was a w/m version of the regulars shield only badge.
In 1894 the crowned star in w/m was introduced.
War Office Patent Book shows them annotated "For 2 V B E Surrey's" and "as approved, Horse Guards WO 9th March 1896 under Authy V/2/31/23 from a specimen submitted by J & A Pearce & Co, 28 Floral Street, Covent Garden, London".
Following the change of monarch a Kings Crown version was worn until 1908.

So, after that trip around the houses, looks like it's 2VB if w/m, possibly 1950's RP if chromed.

Phil2M 01-06-20 12:57 PM

I was going to ask if it is chrome, it looks very shiny.

Jelly Terror 01-06-20 01:36 PM


Many thanks to you all for your replies. Iím afraid at present I have no further info.

I must agree that it looks very shiny, and therefore suggests a chrome finish. Iíll attempt to get a little more info.

Thanks again for your input. Much appreciated.

Jelly Terror 04-06-20 08:16 PM

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Slightly later than hoped, here are a couple of additional pics which show the reverse and give an idea of size (apologies for poor image quality).

Thanks for the help to date; any further thoughts appreciated.

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leigh kitchen 04-06-20 08:23 PM

It looks as if it's been "silvered' - chromed?

Deejayuu 04-06-20 10:28 PM

Lugs are same colour as the main body of the badge so must have been plated at some point.

Jelly Terror 05-06-20 10:54 AM

Thanks for your help gents.

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