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Petal 25-11-19 06:46 PM

WW1 Insignia
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I would be grateful if someone is able to identify the insignia on my great uncle's cap on the attached photo.

It seems to be similar in shape to the Coldstream Guards but is flat at the very top.

He would have enlisted in Preston, Lancashire. Unfortunately, I cannot find his service records.

Thank you.

Bill A 26-11-19 12:57 AM

Hello Petal, welcome to the Forum. Your account is active and open for posts.

Alex Rice 26-11-19 06:34 AM

Hi Petal
Looks like an Army Service Corps cap badge.

gb64 26-11-19 08:38 AM

Hello Petal, welcome the the forum, looking at the cap badge it’s not the Coldstream Guards definitely, looks to me to be the Devonshire Regt , did your great uncle have links to that county? have you any more info on him, name etc might be able to find out more about him .


High Wood 26-11-19 09:42 AM

I agree with Alex, it is A.S.C. The soldier is also wearing the 1903 pattern belt which was still largely worn during the Great War by members of the A.S.C.

grenadierguardsman 26-11-19 11:31 AM

A.S.C i reckon.

gb64 26-11-19 11:37 AM

Just read the opening post again properly this time !! Coming from Lancashire unlikely to be Devon related so ASC it is ( although I still think it looks Devonshire Regt:D;))


magpie 26-11-19 03:50 PM

The picture has been cropped, the full picture may be better for identification, I can see why you think it could be Devonshire.

Petal 26-11-19 04:44 PM

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for replying. I can see why you are suggesting the Devonshire regiment or the Army Service Corps. He didn't have any links to Devon so maybe it was the Army Service Corps. But the very top bit of the insignia doesn't seem rounded or pointed. I was told he drove an ambulance for part of the war.
Sadly he was badly affected by what he experienced and was never the same again.
Thanks for the info about his belt.

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