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natal01 13-03-18 02:20 PM

Swans officer cap badge ?
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I acquired this badge recently and was told that it was a Swans officer cap badge. A little reading indicated that there were very few Swans officers , and as this was the same badge as a know Wren officer type, it may not actually have been worn by a Swan officer. Nevertheless I was still pleased to add it to the collection.

Traist 13-03-18 06:28 PM

Hi Mike, very nice item. Regards Andrew

Alex Rice 14-03-18 05:50 AM

Hi Mike
Yes, I would go with WRENS. There was originally only one SWAN officer, Second Officer Brenda Skyrme. She married, left the SWANS, emigrated to the UK with her new husband and was replaced by another lady. So, in all, there were only two SWAN officers in total, so the chance that this badge was one of the few is highly unlikely unless you have some provenance. Still a nice badge though.

Brian Conyngham 20-06-18 09:09 AM

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Bought these a number of years ago in Fish Hoek, they were in a shoe box full of a ladies personal civilian stuff. Just wish I had had the foresight to have taken all the items.


Alex Rice 21-06-18 05:58 AM

Hi Brian
That may well be a genuine SWAN officer badge! Pity you weren't able to get a name to go with it!

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