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Smiffyat121 21-11-20 01:59 PM

Khaki OTC?
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This woven badge was aquired with other military cloth items but has been sitting here waiting for idntification. It's been suggested that it's a OTC or school cadet force sleve badge. I've looked at countless school and university coat of arms, but no luck. Any suggestions welcome!

adb63 21-11-20 11:38 PM

I had one of those that was helpfully attached to a Dulwich College OTC shooting eight photograph. It also had the year worn separately below. Most of the Junior Division OTC shooting teams wore a school badge on the sleeve usually with the relevant skill at arms badge and the year(s) the individual cadet competed in.
Kind regards, Andrew.

Smiffyat121 22-11-20 08:42 AM

Thank you very much for the identification and reply, Andrew. The badge did come with several year tabs.
Best regards,

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