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49lassiepen 07-06-19 03:38 PM

For sale
Added some items for sale in Gallery and my album

Marcus H 08-06-19 10:33 AM

PM sent regarding 25D collar.


49lassiepen 11-06-19 09:10 PM

Added a few extra including Royal Anglian arm badge and Q R H

Paddy 11-06-19 10:17 PM

Message sent about Levies badge


dragon166 11-06-19 11:02 PM

1 Attachment(s)
The badge is not the Levies Badge, it is for the Federal National Army. The Levies Badge had a crown and the scroll was in english A.P.L

49lassiepen 12-06-19 07:42 AM

Many thanks to all the members who contacted me regarding the above badge

49lassiepen 25-06-19 07:37 PM

For Sale album

49lassiepen 17-07-19 07:58 PM

Bump will be removing shortly anybody interested in items

Cleeman 19-07-19 08:52 AM

Badges for sale
Hi David,

Can I take the Dental Hygienist badge please. Please confirm preferred payment method.


49lassiepen 19-07-19 09:56 AM

Andy p m sent

49lassiepen 24-08-19 03:00 PM

Added some nice genuine Irish items
And one Aussie Queens land

49lassiepen 26-08-19 11:36 AM

Added 3 victorian crowns not sure what the large w/m is for

49lassiepen 28-08-19 08:16 PM

4 nice period Victorian badges

Volunteer Soldier 29-08-19 03:22 PM

May I please have the KOSB QVC?

Luke H 29-08-19 04:24 PM

Just so you know the KSOB is missing the lions tail tip as well as the top lug.

The QVC Staffs for 25 is an absolute steal. Surprised someone’s not had that already.

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