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Milmed 25-10-13 02:40 PM

Unknown SAN warrant officer collar badge
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Got this SA Navy warrant officer collar bullion embroidered badge, but have been unable to identify it. Maybe someone has a clue


Brian Conyngham 27-10-13 10:57 AM


Looks like a steering wheel?


Traist 27-10-13 11:25 AM

Maybe Alex will have an idea. I have never seen it before. Regards Andrew

Milmed 28-10-13 04:37 AM

Yes Brian, after posting I also saw the steering wheel with letters TSD read from top, lt and rt but the order may be incorrect. So we could also have STD or TDS or DTS. Have typed these variations into google but no luck with regards to anything SA Navy related.

My thoughts though (with relation to the steering wheel) is for a Transport Depot, so maybe the initials are STD and could refer to 'Supply and Transport Depot' or 'Simonstown Transport Depot'

Andrew, yes I am waiting for Alex to respond as he may have more info with his vast knowledge of Navy insignia.


seadog 09-02-14 08:13 AM

http://<a href="http://s43.photobuck...ps44e785fd.jpg[/IMG]

seadog 09-02-14 08:20 AM

Gunner Transmission Station"

seadog 09-02-14 08:25 AM

Hi Steve,
I think it is a prototype for Gunner Transmission Station Officer (TSO), the badge that was accepted and used in the 90,s is attached (if I can attach it). It is the most highly qualified gunnery rating usually a WO but could be a CPO, therefore no large arm badge only the smaller collar badges.

seadog 09-02-14 08:27 AM

SO badge SAN

seadog 09-02-14 08:43 AM

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Gunner Transmission Station Officer badge SA Navy 1990's

Milmed 09-02-14 12:13 PM

Thanks Neville,
This badge did have some llose thread as if it was removed from a uniform. There was also a standard WOI bullion sleeve badge with it, so definately a warrant and was probably worn for some time until replaced by the new badge. Would it be possible to find out which WO wore this badge as there cant be to many Gunner Transmission Station Officers out there.


seadog 11-02-14 11:21 AM

Hi Steven,

Looks like I got it wrong and that my "expert" has been in touch.

"The identity of this badge was asked of me by another collector last year. It is not a TSO, if you look closely the letters are TSD. I have never seen it in use and can only think some WO had it made as a personal item. The wheel looks like a vehicle steering wheel and the suggestion is that it is something such as Senior Transport Driver, or Transport Supply Depot or some other obscure "branch"."


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