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Boes92 20-10-20 05:59 PM

RAF or Far East wing?
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I just got this in today. A pretty small para qualification wing, background fabric is dark blue. Not sure whether it's RAF or maybe a Far East wing? I'm happy to receive any comments.


tcrown 21-10-20 12:36 AM

How small is the badge compared to the standard version? It could be one that was worn on hat or beret.

3battalion 21-10-20 05:50 AM

The wings looks like a Belgium Para Wing.


Boes92 23-10-20 10:03 AM


Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. It is indeed Belgian; Air Force/Navy para wing for (formerly) parachute qualificatied personnel. Probably from the 60s or 70s.



3battalion 23-10-20 10:24 AM

Anytime Bas, happy to help.

Have a look at my para wing albums for some photos of wartime locally made wings.


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