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Peter Brydon 20-10-20 04:38 PM

Lucas Tooth Cadet Medal with 1917 bar
3 Attachment(s)
Very pleased to get this example of the medal today.

They have been discussed on here before but I am attaching some notes which came with the medal.


oc14 20-10-20 06:09 PM

The Lucas Tooth Trophy is still awarded in Lincolnshire ACF to the best Detachment of the year. It may not, for obvious reasons, be awarded this year. I'm pretty sure that Derbyshire ACF also award a Lucas Tooth trophy annually too.

To the best of my knowledge, the medals are no longer awarded.


Peter Brydon 20-10-20 06:32 PM

Thanks for that Paul, most interesting.


norfolk regt man 20-10-20 07:03 PM

Thanks to you both, all very interesting

Peter Brydon 21-10-20 12:36 PM

I now understand that Lucas Tooth trophies are still awarded in parts of Scotland.


oc14 22-10-20 11:09 AM

It seems that the following ACF Counties still compete for the Lucas-Tooth Trophy :-
West Lothian
West Lowland

There may be others that I haven't yet found. If you didn't already know, the competition was originally founded (and funded) by the wonderfully named Sir Hugh Vere Huntly Duff Munro-Lucas- Tooth !


Expat Yeoman 22-10-20 11:14 AM

Essex ACF too.

Peter Brydon 22-10-20 11:52 AM

Thanks Paul and Expat,

Itís these snippets that add so much interest to badges and medals.


Expat Yeoman 22-10-20 01:15 PM

A pleasure Peter.

A few more snippets I have found from the annual Journals. Can't say if it is the same for the other Counties but for Essex the trophy is a 5' x 3' shield and presented annually to the platoon (now detachment) "achieving the most" during the training year, usually done on a cumulative points basis.


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