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natal01 14-11-18 12:44 PM

natal native horse
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Yesterday I bought a pair of epaulettes with NNH ( Natal Native Horse ) titles. The items came from the family of Robert Charles Azariah Samuelson, the one time interpreter to Cetewayo and the author of the book , "Long long ago ". The epaulettes must have been cut from an officer's uniform as they have pre made holes for various pips. Samuelson saw service in the Boer War with the Natal Carbineers but was in charge of the Native Scouts. In 1906 he raised the Natal Native Horse and acted as Adjutant of the unit. I'm guessing that the titles come from this period.

shahldm 14-11-18 06:37 PM

Very nice thanks for sharing. Can't be many of these around.

Brian Conyngham 01-12-18 04:34 AM


Very nice, must have come from the old mans uniform.


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