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denis pannett 29-11-21 05:28 PM

1st Royal Dragoons badges
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Two unusual WW1 Royal Dragoons badges from my collection. The large one appears to be an officer's version of the collar badge but in cap badge size - made by Firmin but no sign of the bright gilt one would expect. The smaller one (sadly blades broken off) appears to be an officer 's bronze cap badge by Jennens but with very different wings from the large one. I would be interested to hear other members views and if they have similar.

GriffMJ 29-11-21 05:42 PM

Hi Denis

The Silver/gilt Firmin is a cap eagle, long loops, and the J&Co, with missing tangs, is probably a cap eagle as well :) If you look at my albums i have a good amount of 1RD photo info contained therein.

Luke H 29-11-21 05:56 PM

The J&Co OSD cap badge is well documented and quite sought after. Sadly a lot turn up with broken tangs. They are WW1 era I believe, also Jennens were bought out by Gaunt in 1924 so it certainly pre-dates then.

Mike H 29-11-21 06:58 PM

The bronze one,reminds me of the later anodised badges. Very similar in shape.
The silver and gilt has a similar shape to a Greys badge,a bit more rounded and more flared wings.

denis pannett 03-12-21 09:35 PM

1 RD
Thank you for your comments GriffMJ, Luke H and Mike H. The !RD Album was very useful and showed some great badges. Denis.

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