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Warstone 07-11-21 12:10 PM

Anyone know what this represents?
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I thought I knew what this belongs to when I bought it but now I’m not so sure. Anyone have any ideas what the badge represents?

Phil2M 07-11-21 01:20 PM

Manchester University OTC?

oc14 07-11-21 01:43 PM


Originally Posted by Phil2M (Post 564252)
Manchester University OTC?



Warstone 07-11-21 01:46 PM

Thank you both. One I didn’t know before then.

Staffsyeoman 07-11-21 02:06 PM

Yep. That's the cap badge I wore in what was by then Manchester & Salford University OTC, and the background colours match the university "general" tie (i.e. not faculty specific).

grey_green_acorn 07-11-21 04:34 PM

This looks like the chromed cap badge part of Gaunt car badge to the Royal Horse Guards?

This one to the South Staffordshire Regiment?


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