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londonclanger 16-10-21 11:02 AM

American Red Cross - Great Britain badges
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Has anyone yet found source documentation for the possible colour meaning behind these "American Red Cross - Great Britain" badges. It's often mentioned that the blue was for 3 months' service (never learned the source of this) and the red for possibly completing over 150 hours (WVS details but doesn't mention colour). Not sure who was issued the GB & WE - volunteers overseas perhaps.

magpie 16-10-21 01:01 PM

There are pictures of red cross girls in us combat uniforms wearing steel helmets, WE is Western Europe.

Postwarden 16-10-21 05:36 PM

There is an excellent guide to wartime ARC badges sitting on my book shelves.

I'll dig it out and see what it says.


Postwarden 18-10-21 11:23 AM

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In 1999 Shirley Powers, Volunteer Historian for the American Red Cross compiled a Collectors Guide to Red Cross Pins which included official ARC reference numbers.

She identifies the blue version as issued from 1943 for British Volunteers working for the ARC for at least 150 hours, the red version as for paid staff who served the ARC in Britain for at least three months.

She does not record the third version but the initials suggest service in Great Britain and Western Europe which must be from mid-1944 onwards.

The attached picture shows a uniformed British volunteer.

If I find more I'll post it.


High Wood 18-10-21 03:05 PM

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The cloth badge visible in the photograph appears to be that of the American Red Cross Service Club, which must be a relatively scarce badge. I only have the much more common service version.

ARPCDHG 18-10-21 03:50 PM

I bought these two together:

gpag2 21-10-21 09:34 AM

web page as follows:

Hope this helps


mike_vee 21-10-21 10:33 AM

Thanks for the link Gary , an excellent reference source.


Home Guard 21-10-21 03:35 PM

Great source Gary!!! Thank you!


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