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zorgon 03-09-21 03:04 PM

A very well-made, stitched Pegasus
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I’d like to share this lovely example of a tailor-made, embroidered Pegasus. It wasn’t until I actually scanned the patch that I fully appreciated the detail and quality of the stitching (maybe that’s primarily a result of old age and failing eye-sight!) The keen observer will note that the Maker has actually used two types of thread, one with a silky finish and the other a more subdued, flat composition (I assume cotton). The effect is to provide subtle highlights to the Pegasus image. The photos illustrate one of the pair. The Rt. facing example is very similar, but not an exact mirror image.

I don’t feel qualified to absolutely confirm this is a war era issue but it’s hard to believe someone would go to the trouble of paying this much attention to detail on a replica or later issue. I tried a burn test on a thread end and it didn’t bead as is characteristic of an artificial material but it did leave a ball of ash that disintegrated when touched. The entire backing and threads are coated (starch or some tar derivative??) and that may alter the characteristics of the “burn test” on a thread.

Regardless, it is beautiful example illustrating the attention to detail possible from a highly skilled, top tailor. It’s the nicest stitched example of a private-purchase Pegasus in my small collection anyway.

grenadierguardsman 03-09-21 07:19 PM

That does look nice.

Luc 03-09-21 08:26 PM

That is a nicely made example indeed, well done!

zorgon 03-09-21 08:27 PM

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My bad. What I thought were two types of stitching is an artifact of the scanner image. There must be a polarity to the thread making it appear shinny in one direction and flat in another. Attached is photo taken in sunlight. This pic also demonstrates how the Melton base colour can vary depending on the camera and lighting conditions.

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