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haventaclue 12-03-18 12:57 PM

11th Middlesex (St George's) VRC ..Help please
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Badge was described as 11th Middlesex (St George's) Volunteer Rifles but cannot find any confirmation of this in books etc . Any help appreciated. Approx. size 41 x 46 mm

manchesters 12-03-18 01:47 PM


Originally in blackened brass these numbered rifles bugle horn badges were produced for many of the UK Counties and cannot on their own be attributed to any individual unit.

As its a low number virtually all the 95 Counties or so could have worn it.


haventaclue 12-03-18 02:53 PM

Thank you for the info.

Scotlandthebrave 12-03-18 03:42 PM

a link to a DNW AUCTION Sale on 11th December 2013 with this badge attributed to the 11th Lanarkshire Rifle Volunteer Corps :

I can offer a good home for this badge :)


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