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WJ Miller 23-09-08 01:53 AM

Miscellaneous badges for sale
Wide variety of items!!!:eek:

Thinning out the stuff in my basement. Have posted an album with photos of all. This is mostly stuff that I picked up with various auction lots, none of this stuff is within my interest of collecting and for the most part I have no idea what it is or if it has much value... just want it out of my basement. :D
Take a look, ask questions, PM me if interested.

boots and saddles 23-09-08 01:18 PM

Bill I checked all albums & didn't find yours, can you guide me. Ray

engr9266 23-09-08 01:26 PM

BILL, Ditto with Boots & Saddles, cannot find your album!!

Bill A 23-09-08 06:17 PM

Hi, Remember the classified section for sales and wants. You can even run a sort of auction in that section of the forum. Lets keep the albums for displays.

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