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badgecollector 02-11-15 11:28 PM

Engineer and Railway Staff Corps
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hi all
Would like to find out a little more regarding this corps.
A rare badge to a very small corps and one that is rather unresearched.
Here's a little i have come up with.

Sydney morning herald Wednesday January 1o 1912

A new military corps is to be raised in Australia. It will be called the Engineer and Railway Staff Corps, and will form part of tbc militia forces. The total establishment of the corps will be 14 colonels and 44 lieutenant-colonels and majors, of which New South Wales will be allotted three colonels and seven lieutenant-colonels and majors.
The senior officer of the Engineer and Railway Staff Corps in each State will be a member of the War Railway Council, whose duties are to furnish advice on all such railway and transportation matters as are referred to it by the Minister for Defence, to arrange for the transport of troops, to organise railway transport officers, to act in time of war as intermediaries between the railway authorities and the troops, and to advise on questions of mobilisation.

Donny B. 03-11-15 04:40 AM

Interesting stuff, BC.

What a great find! A pretty little badge ......though I can't help feeling that the designer has the wings wrong but that may just be me.

Thanks for the post.

Donny B.

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