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ANGLE IRON 25-08-14 11:51 AM

Cheers , I picked a Dorset one up a few years back before the Anodised prices began to rise, Kevin

William 25-08-14 12:00 PM

Not sure if there are any decent pics showing an un-voided AA badge with Dorsetshire scroll.

Whether voided or not, an original, AA Dorsetshire Regiment cap-badge, with Dorsetshire scroll, in good condition is an ȕber-rarity, with less than a handful of known examples.

Unlike Dorsetshire scrolled badges, the Dorsetshire Regiment badge with Dorset scroll is a common badge.

AA Devonshire Regiment badge can often be picked up quite easily for probably around 20.



Mike H 25-08-14 12:00 PM


Originally Posted by ANGLE IRON (Post 274858)
Cheers , I picked a Dorset one up a few years back before the Anodised prices began to rise, Kevin

Any anodised is now worth having.

Mike H 25-08-14 12:07 PM

2 Attachment(s)
Here you go William. Both versions.

Paddy 25-08-14 12:50 PM

2 Attachment(s)

Attached below are pictures of my unvoided Dorsetshire badge.

Mike - as the picture you attached of the voided version is a bit small, how sure are you of the authenticity of that badge? Just curious, no aspersions being cast.


Mike H 25-08-14 01:38 PM

A 100% certain Paddy,ithats why i made the statement about the two came from a friends collection.have another image ,which shows the badge. But its not mine to post,im sure he'll post it .

Paddy 25-08-14 01:54 PM


Many thanks, I won't hold my breath on being able to obtain one at a reasonable price


Mike H 25-08-14 02:13 PM

Paddy ,you seem to be going blue. Are you having trouble breathing ?

A fellow member bought one at War and Peace a few weeks ago.

My Dorsetshire image came from the same person that sold me the large Liverpool UOTC badge years ago. I never realised that there was two versions of the Dorsetshire until I saw the ebay one.I also have an image of what appears to be an unfinished all siver one(non voided).

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