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Panther1 11-07-19 07:02 PM

The biggest badge?
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I have a badge for AFC Harrogate. It measures 50x48cm, I was wondering if anyone had any a similar or larger size.

matti467 11-07-19 07:34 PM

I don't have a larger badge but I may have the hat it fits :D

Panther1 11-07-19 08:11 PM

That would be some hat!

matti467 11-07-19 08:45 PM

You should see the size of the squaddie who wears it, poor sod is always right marker

Panther1 11-07-19 08:58 PM

Yet the clothing store still gives him uniform that is too big.

Noxin 11-07-19 10:03 PM

A couple of old threads on a similar theme:

norfolk regt man 12-07-19 12:11 PM

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I found this the other day

Peter Brydon 12-07-19 03:29 PM

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My contender for the biggest badge actually worn on an item of headdress other than on a helmet.


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