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badgecollector 11-01-19 08:04 AM

St George's English Rifles Colour Sergeants arm patch
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while looking for something else i found this in a box of cloth/bullion items
came with a tag reading, removed from the uniform of a St George's English Rifles Colour Sergeant.

norfolk regt man 11-01-19 11:27 AM

Well itís real nice thatís for sure, kings crown so post 1902.

leigh kitchen 11-01-19 11:31 AM

Yes, I know nothing of the unit but I like the badge, it's understated for a bullion.

badgecollector 11-01-19 12:04 PM

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thanks guys
yes its a ripper and here's the HP to go with it

leigh kitchen 11-01-19 12:45 PM

Again, I like the badge (I have a soft spot for Geordie & the dragon badges).
I have a collar badge, similar to the central design.

manchesters 11-01-19 12:48 PM

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Lovely badge and differs from UK Rifle Regiments Colour Segeants badges being the regular Infantry pattern but on grey/khaki.

This is what it would look like here, apart from backing colour of course (see photo)


badgecollector 11-01-19 12:55 PM

thats a beautiful badge simon
cheers for showing it

manchesters 11-01-19 01:06 PM


Colour Sergeant badges are my greatest passion, so many different colour/size/shape combo's.

thanks for showing this one, it would have puzzled me for sure without the Oz attribution.


leigh kitchen 11-01-19 01:30 PM

Colour Sergeants badges are very attractive, I've always thought it a pity the crossed flags etc design didn't remain the norm.
I have only the one Colour Sergeants bullion badge, I think - Royal Marines Kings Crown (albeit X 3).

kingsley 12-01-19 12:47 AM

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Leigh, you might find that your "collar badge" was worn as a hat badge and HP as well. I saw one in an estate lot on a white NSW helmet years ago, also saw the large St Geo (as in the centre of the HP) worn on the COLLAR of an officer tunic.
We have had a thread or two on these before, maybe someone can find it.
I think the 'collar badge' was an existing British design bought off the shelf by the NSW regiment 1901-03. The scanned badge with "L V Asylum Festival" has the date 1869.

badgecollector 12-01-19 01:35 AM

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here's my officers Cap/Collar, silver (St Georgeís English Rifle Regt) Hallmarked JRG & C Bíham 1907.

Tinto 12-01-19 08:00 AM

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Hi all,
Here's mine to compare.

kingsley 13-01-19 03:49 AM

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BC's badge is 1903-12, and Tinto's is 1901-03. See scan for the pre 1901 lead-filled variant.
I have more scans of the smaller St Geo badges on my other computer and will post them tomorrow in answer to the other thread.

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