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nbroadarrowz 28-12-18 08:47 PM

Badge identification
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Hi All,
Were Petty Officers badges made in two pieces?
This badge has never had a crown stitch above the crossed anchors. The badge is of standard size and all my other examples of Petty Officers badges have the crown well down between the two anchor rings. There are no stitch holes where a crown has been un-stitched

Guzzman 29-12-18 09:09 AM

Badge Identification
Hi Barry

Royal Navy Petty Officers badges have been never issued in two pieces.

However, the badges of Cadet Petty Officers in the Sea Cadet Corps consist of the two crossed anchors without the crown.

In addition 2nd Class Petty Officers in the Royal Canadian Navy wore a rate badge consisting of the two crossed anchors without the crown between 1950 and 1968.


nbroadarrowz 29-12-18 08:44 PM

Thank you Pete.
Do you have a date range for Sea Cadet use?
I know that the ATC used a button without a crown.

Guzzman 30-12-18 08:29 AM

Hi Barry

I'm not really an expert on Sea Cadets but I can confirm that the Sea Cadet Corps has existed under that name since 1942, although similar organizations for boys can be traced back to the Victorian period.

I have a copy of the 'Sea Cadets Corps Training Manual 1950' which shows the crossed anchors badge without a crown as the rate badge for a Cadet Petty Officer. It is therefore probable that this has been the badge for Cadet POs since at least 1942. However I'm sure that someone on here will be able to confirm the date it was first adopted.

This badge is still in use today.


Nozzer 06-01-19 10:21 AM

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I can't add much to what Pete has said. When I was a wee cadet back in the early 80's, the badge in the opening post was worn on the woolly pully by Petty Officer Cadets (called such to avoid confusion with Chief Petty Officers when abbreviated CPO and POC) before the introduction of shoulder tabs. POC's wore gold badges on their No1's, the same badge being worn by Probationary Petty Officers (Adult instructors) before being promoted to Petty Officer.

A few examples below and I believe the one with S.C.C. is early, but I have been unable to pin down dates.

Nozzer 06-01-19 10:30 AM

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Some images of shoulder tabs

#1, Probationary Petty Officer (Adult Instructor)

#2, Petty Officer (adult Instructor)

#3, Petty Officer Cadet

nbroadarrowz 06-01-19 07:59 PM

Thanks for all the help.
Due to the source of my badge in post 1 it is more likely to be a Sea Cadet badge.
In New Zealand the sea cadets wear the same rank as the regular NZ navy. I don't know when they started wearing the crown above the badges.

NORMANDIE18 12-01-19 03:01 PM

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Here is mine glueback one, possibly post WW2.
Attachment 199736
Attachment 199737

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