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mechanicdar 22-12-18 11:14 PM

Half wing AG

I am new to the forum, and I have a question I am hoping someone on here can answer for me please. I picked up a half wing AG brevet today. I know normally they have the wing the reef and the AG in the center. This one tho has all that but also a crown and a RAF at the bottom, and I am wondering why ? i know RAF stands for royal air force. I am just curios to know why this one has that and others I've scene on uniforms do not.


Bill A 23-12-18 12:27 PM

Hello mechanicdar, welcome to the Forum. Your account is active and open for posts.

dragon166 24-12-18 02:22 PM

The version you enquired about is of Canadian manufacture and was issued to those who completed their training in Canada. It is the standard Canadian version with RAF substituted for RCAF. Versions are also known showing RAAF. The standard RAF version is AG in a brown wreath as you expected.

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