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badgecollector 06-11-18 07:51 AM

BCOF Japanese POW Guards patch?
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hi all
ive just put a few albums up and one is of some BCOF/Korea items.

one of the gold bullion embroidered BCOF patches has a border around it. this makes it different to the other variations i have and that i have seen.
the note that i found with this patch suggests this type was worn by the Guards of the Japanese POWs.
can anyone confirm this?
interested to hear your views

badjez 06-11-18 11:46 AM


I suspect your informant is mistaken. I don't believe this badge was introduced until after the BCOF was re-named.
I've attached an extract from an Army Council Instruction that may be of interest.


23.07.52. ACI 468: BCOF Japan. With the ratification of the Japanese Peace Treaty, the British Commonwealth troops in Japan have ceased to be occupation forces, and the term ‘British Commonwealth Occupation Forces’ is no longer applicable.
The correct address was HQ, British Commonwealth Forces, Korea.
[The Advanced HQ was in Korea.]

Hendo 09-01-19 08:29 AM

Nice BCOF patch - I have only seen pictographs the bordered patch on officers
I have a few varieties of locally made BCOF patches which I will post if I can work out how to - lol

3battalion 10-01-19 07:47 AM

Cracking album BC thanks for sharing.


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