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Bill A 27-08-15 05:34 PM

Ash Bros
The company Ash Bros is recorded as the maker of the 194th Bn CEF badges. Are there any other CEF badges made by this maker?

redman 01-09-15 07:18 PM

Ash Bros. Were a retailer of China, jewellery and giftware in Edmonton. Located 111 Jasper Avenue from1907 to 1928.
I would suggest that they were a retailer Not maker of badges.
All t.he best

Bill A 01-09-15 09:27 PM

Hi Dan, The 194th Bn badges are maker marked to Ash Bros.

redman 02-09-15 09:13 PM

Hi bill
I know some 194 badges are marked Ash Bros.
But they are the Hemsley type badge. I suggest the retailer jeweller ordered 194 badges from the badge maker Hemsley to sell to the local Edmonton battalion.
I have pointed this out with the 175 Stetson badge marked Cook but definitely an Ellis badge. Cook being the retailer in Medicine Hat.
Interesting aspect to CEF collecting.
All the best

Bill A 02-09-15 11:18 PM

Hi Dan, We have been doing a lot of research on this issue. There are a couple of possibilities other than a sub-contract to the makers. First there is a pattern where badges were made by makers in the region. The 194th and 175th were both western units and the Ellis and Hemsley were Toronto and Montreal respectively. There is a possibility that the jewellers acquired the lugs from those makers to produce the badges. Not confirmed, but a possible scenario.

121155 03-09-15 05:40 AM

Are lugs hard to make?
I dont think a jeweller capable of making badges would have to source lugs from a firm on the other side of the country. With that capability you would think they could make something of thier own. But you never know

Wingnut 19-09-15 09:22 PM

lots of CEF badges with "flat ellis lugs" with no maker marks. May never know who made them. Picked up another one today in that scenario. 141st flat lugs and no MM.

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