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pukman 13-11-13 09:13 PM

A few WW1 patches and Insignia of the NZEF
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Here are a few WW1 patches and Insignia from the 1st NZEF .By all means add to the thread as we are all here to learn

If I have made any mistakes, by all means make constructive comments.

Private Federic Augustus Butterfield 21203,has a blue shoulder patch of the 3rd (Reserve) Battalion, Auckland -Wellington regiment, NZEF order 104 ,17 July 1916

Also pictured Maori Pioneers soldier with the red diamond patch on his great coat

3rd reserve battalion Canterbury -Otago regiment wore a red diamond patch
5th reserve battalion NZRB wore a black diamond patch

pukman 13-11-13 09:24 PM

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New Zealand Cyclist Corps ,red diamond centre with a white surround, NZEF Order No 495 ,31 January 1918.

Picture(Barry O'Sullivan collection)

pukman 13-11-13 09:46 PM

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NZRB rifleman with a medical classification shoulder strap.

N.C.O's and enlisted men in B category wore blue bands, one inch wide on either shoulder straps of their service dress tunics .C category wore red bands

Medical classifications 25/1/1918
A .Fit for general service
B1.Unfit for general service ,but likely to be reclassified A within 6 weeks
B2 Unfit for general service ,but likely to be reclassified within 3 months
B3 Unfit for general service ,but likely to be reclassified A within 6 months
C1 Unfit for general service for at least 6 months ,but likely to be reclassified A
C2 Permanently unfit for general service

Mike Jackson 13-11-13 09:56 PM

Excellent images and information. Many thanks for posting them.

pukman 14-11-13 03:24 AM

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Patches of the New Zealand Rifle Brigade

1.Front cover of the official History of the NZRB showing the patches worn
2.1st Battalion
3.2nd Battalion
3.3rd Battalion

Black cloth melton cloth patches or blazes as they were known ,were worn on either side of the felt hat (lemon squeezer) pugarree ,and in the centre of the forage ,service dress cap.

pukman 14-11-13 03:39 AM

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(1) 4th Battalion
(2) Battalion Headquarters
Sleeve patches

NZEF order number 183 ,31st October 1916,authorised all battalions including Brigade Headquaters to wear distinguishing patches on both sleeves 1 and half inches below the shoulder straps of the tunic.

Dress regulations 1918 for the NZRB.

First Battalion. A square of 1/2 inch side, worn as a diamond
Second Battalion. A square 1 I/2 side
Third Battalion .An equilateral triangle, with a perpendicular height of 1 1/2 inches ,having the apex uppermost
Fourth Battalion. An equilateral triangle ,with a perpendicular height of 1 I/2 ,having the base uppermost
Fifth Battalion .(The reserve Battalion) A diamond 2 3/4 inches by 1 1/2 inches ,the longer axis perpendicular
Brigade Headquarters. An eight pointed star of two superimposed squares of 1 1/2 inches

woronora 14-11-13 04:12 AM

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My collection of WW1 NZ colour patches. Any thoughts or constructive comments welcomed, especially about the last image 'NZ Rifle Brigade' patches?



irish 14-11-13 01:12 PM

Yes, nice images.

John your cloth insignia display looks quite nice and a great start


pukman 15-11-13 05:51 PM

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Thanks for posting the pictures of your collection John .The more participation by others in this thread the better. There is an excellent reference book on the subject ,''New Zealand Army Distinguishing Patches 1911 -1991'' by Malcolm Thomas and Cliff Lord ,but I think it is important to have an alternative source of information for those who cannot access this book.

The main reason I seek information on patches and insignia ,is for identification purposes in my photo collection. The only two colour patches I own are on WW1 others ranks and officers jackets respectively .2nd battalion Otago Infantry

Also pictured is No 2 NZ Light Trench Battery patch on a WW1 officers tunic, and a NZRB sleeve patch attributed to Rifleman Robert Robinson(Hokonui Heritage Museum ,Gore NZ)

Tinto 15-11-13 08:33 PM

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Hi Iain,
A very worthwhile project.
Here are some more patches sewn on a puttee measuring 8 feet x 4 inches with 6 feet 6 inches of ribbon attached
I have named them to the best of my ability and welcome comments and corrections if required.
Cheers, Tinto

1st Bn. Auckland Regiment Black/Red/Black vertical bars
2nd Bn. Auckland Regiment Red diamond on Black square
1st Bn. Wellington Regiment Black/Yellow/Black vertical bars
2nd Bn. Wellington Regiment Yellow diamond on Black square

1st Bn. Canterbury Regiment Blue/Red diamond divided vertically on Black square
2nd Bn. Canterbury Regiment Red/Blue diamond divided horizontally on Black square
1st Bn. Otago Regiment Blue/Orange diamond divided vertically on Black square
2nd Bn. Otago Regiment Blue/Orange diamond divided horizontally on Black square
3rd Bn. Auckland Regiment Red/Black/Red vertical bars

3rd Bn. Wellington Regiment Yellow/Black/Yellow vertical bars
4th Bn. Wellington Regiment Black diamond on Yellow square
3rd Bn. Canterbury Regiment Blue/Red/Blue vertical bars
3rd Bn. Otago Regiment Blue/Orange/Blue vertical bars

? Blue/Orange/Blue vertical bars on Black diamond
? Red/Blue/Red vertical bars on Black diamond
? Red square on Black square

3rd Bn. Wellington Regiment Yellow/Black/Yellow vertical bars
4th Machine Gun Company Red star on Black square
5th Machine Gun Company Blue-black star on Red Square

Veterinary Corps Maroon square, 2" x 2"

pukman 16-11-13 10:31 PM

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Thanks Tinto for sharing your great collection with us .Its nice to see them in colour (something our reference books lack)

Photographs of regimental colour patches being worn are hard to find ,as they were mostly worn on the back of the tunics ,between the shoulder blades.

Here is one of 2nd Battalion Otago regiment ,company runner Bobby Bowie ,wearing a yellow armband with a colour patch of the 2nd O.I.R

Tinto 18-11-13 07:11 AM

Hi Iain,
Thanks for your comments. Keep the pictures coming. I do have a lot of old WW1 period Auckland Weekly pictures but I guess you have already trawled through those.
The book "Images of War: New Zealand and the First World War in Photographs" might have examples of patches worn.
Cheers, Tinto

pukman 18-11-13 04:41 PM

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Hi Tinto,
I'm trying to use photo's from my own collection when I can supplemented by photo's from the 'Onward' project which encompasses photo's From the Auckland Weekly news ,Christchurch Weekly, and Otago Witness and private Photo collections. It's just a matter of processing the relevant material. Here are a few patches and insignia from my lot

7th Wellington Sergeant wearing a physical instructors patch (crossed swords)
Private Sidney Little with a brass marksman's sleeve badge

pukman 29-11-13 10:36 PM

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C1 soldiers ,with brass C1 cap badges on a Home Services patch.
Upon enlistment all recruits were given a grade, according to their physical fitness. C1 signified the recruit was likely to become fit for active service after a period of physical training .A special camp for their training was set up at Featherston in September 1917 ,and was later moved to Tauherenikau

pukman 28-05-14 08:46 AM

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Here is an unidentified NZASC corporal with two wound stripes and a Saddlers proficiency patch .Private Bernard Gould ,pictured with his brother Frank ,has a worsted marksman badge

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