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Oz Ubique 12-03-17 01:29 AM

Cloth KC Rising Sun help.
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I picked this nice little cloth kings crown rising sun a while back and would be interested to know if anyone can date this piece?


fairlie63 12-03-17 03:50 AM

This badge was originally approved as Badge, Arm, Returned Soldier, (Sealed Pattern 1538). It subsequently became obsolete by 1918, possibly as early as May 1916 when a metal Badge, Discharged Returned Soldier (SP No 1521), was introduced by MO 230/1916, as amended by MO 279/1916. This latter was not allowed to be worn in uniform.

In 1919 (MO 20/1919 of 18 Jan 19) it became Badge, Arm, AIF Demobilized Recruit (SP 1688), and was issued to all AIF recruits who on the date of the Armistice were in training in Australia, or who had enlisted but had not yet been called up, and on account of the Armistice were demobilized; all members of the RAGA who had enlisted for training as reinforcements for the Siege Brigade AIF, and who actually volunteered for service in the AIF.

Two badges were issued vide MO 20/1919, to be worn on each sleeve, 1 inch below the head of the jacket, with 1/2 inch of the khaki webbing to show on either side of the badge.

I am not sure of the policy regarding issue and wear of the original badge because I cannot locate the order pertaining to it, however I do recall seeing a light horse tunic with (I think) this badge on the left sleeve and the unit colour patch on the right sleeve. It was from an officer who had been invalided home from Gallipoli but I don't recall the details now.

It might be worth mentioning that this badge has been faked, I think by a serving officer in the Australian Army during the Vietnam War period, who had this and other similar badges made up in Vietnam at the time. I believe the length of the khaki backing was the distinguishing factor but I'd have to defer to the cloth experts on that one.


Oz Ubique 12-03-17 09:24 PM

Thank you for that comprehensive reply Keith!
I did not realise it went back that far.
I would be interested to compare to another if anyone happens to have a photograph.

kingsley 14-03-17 12:58 AM

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Here are other scans as requested. You can compare the size and design detail.

Oz Ubique 14-03-17 01:42 AM

Thank you Kingsley.
To my eye they look about the same, would you agree?
Will now have to keep my eyes peeled to spot one in a period photograph.


kingsley 15-03-17 09:36 AM

I have never seen a photo of someone wearing it.

Oz Ubique 16-03-17 12:57 AM

A challenge for me then. :cool:


fairlie63 18-03-17 02:11 AM

Commonwealth of Australia Gazette shows that a contract approving the manufacture of 14,000 of these badges was awarded to Australian Weaving Company Pty Ltd and approved on 1 December 1916. So it must have been approved after the metal badge and was probably specifically for wear on military uniform for those returned men who were on Home Service or serving with their former militia unit.

I imagine it would have eventually become obsolete by war's end as all returned men would have been wearing the colour patch of the unit they had last served in, even reinforcements abroad who had not been posted to a unit were allotted a colour patch at the end of the war to distinguish them.

fairlie63 03-07-17 10:06 AM

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State Library of SA photo collection, note the cloth rising sun badge being worn on the left arm (generally), with the colour patch of the man's former AIF unit on the right arm.

slick_mick 03-07-17 10:11 PM

Here's a related thread.

Pair of mint Demobilised Recruit patches and issued badge with paper work all to the same person.


Jackhr 04-07-17 10:18 PM

Maybe a Mod could merge the 2 threads / posts as one .

Oz Ubique 15-07-17 07:43 AM

Great photo thank you Keith.


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