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signalman 03-02-10 04:34 PM

United Arts Volunteer Rifles. London V.T.C.
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I have a reunion dinner card for this unit,and if anyone wants more information use google as the complete unit history is available, minus photographs.This is quite interesting and in places amusing read,there is also an incomplete roll of honour at the end, of members who passed through their ranks.They also absorbed the London Pharmacists Volunteers,did they have their own badge? I wondered if anyone had a picture of the actual badge as i would be very interested to view it.I believe that they are quite scarce, but do turn up every now and again (Bosley's have had them in the past )Regards.Phil.

Peter Brydon 03-02-10 07:02 PM

The London Pharmacists I am sure had their own shoulder title ,I think this was illustrated in an article by Ray Westlake, I think in the MHS Bulletin. I will check, I also have a feeling I have seen a cap badge to this unit as well.

Will have a search and see what I can find.


Peter Brydon 03-02-10 07:16 PM

A drawing of the Pharmacists VTC badge is shown in an article the MHS Bulletin of May 2009 by Ray Westlake.

See also MHS Bulletin November 1981 for an article on the history and badges of the Pharmacists ( cap badge and title illustrated ) again by Ray Westlake.


signalman 03-02-10 07:21 PM

Thanks PB that would be great,i think you are right about Ray Westlake i have found a ref on the Western Front Association site it refers to the London Pharmacists in ST/36 p37.I would think thats one of Mr W's books.I will be interested to see what you turn up.Regards.Phil.

Peter Brydon 04-02-10 07:31 AM


If you would like a copy of the article on the Pharmacists please send me a PM with your E mail address and I will send you a scan of it.


flintstone1947 04-03-10 06:13 AM

hi there,having read your piece about hte UAVR,i thought you might like to know that my grandfather was in this unit and have found his name in a book about the UAVR. Unfortunately i cannot find the website i found this book but i know it is called "A RECORD OF UNITED ARTS RIFLES 1914-19 by EDWARD POTTON printed in 1920. He was in 2 platoon "d"company(pharmacists)which won a cup competion in 1918. C.S.M. WELLS F.G..I would like to know more about him and this unit. Could anyone please help?

signalman 04-03-10 07:30 PM

The text of the book minus the illustrations is on the site.If you google United Arts volunteer rifles and then look for the site.Hope this helps.Regards Phil.

flintstone1947 05-03-10 01:47 PM

hi there,having seen a close-up of your reunion card for the UAVR,i notice the card is signed by the attending members. On the top right could you confirm that one of the signatures could belong to an f.g.wells please. If it is it would be my grandfathers. regards mike wells.

signalman 05-03-10 08:20 PM

If you can wait until tomorrow i will blow that section up and post it.Regards Phil.

Sonofacqms 05-03-10 11:45 PM

The cap badge for the United Arts Volunter Training Corps was designed by the Victorian artist Solomon J. Solomon, known as "The Duck and Skewer", it is a most attractive badge being bronze and enamel. The VTC Central Assn buttonhole badge was also designed by Solomon J. Solomon.

signalman 06-03-10 08:18 PM

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Mike here is the relevant section blown up.It does look like your grandfather's signature, and abbreviated Company Sargeant Major, also DCM, Distinguished Conduct Medal.Which i suspect would have been awarded prior to World War One.Do you know which regiment he served with?.Regards Phil.

signalman 06-03-10 08:20 PM

Sorry Mike my eyes aint wot they were,that would appear to be D Company.Phil.

flintstone1947 08-03-10 07:36 AM

hi phil,I do believe it definetely is my grandfathers signature and that he has also put his rank and company.I also know he was in No.2 platoon of "D" company. The C/O of this unit has also signed the card under the large figure on the right.I have also found 3 others that were mentioned in the book by Edward Potton. Further to this i have also contacted the Connaught Rooms to see if they have any records of this event.I live in hope. Thank you very much for your help ,all i have to do now is try and trace the london pharmacy volunteers from which i think he may have been in and was absorbed by the UAVR. THANKS ONCE AGAIN MIKE.

flintstone1947 08-03-10 07:43 AM


signalman 08-03-10 04:51 PM

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Mike i have scanned the inside of the card and there are as you can see some more signatures, also the toasts.Please let me know how you get on with this.Best regards.Phil.

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