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graham 13-01-16 07:40 PM

RAAF slouch hat Badge question.
Recently picked up a 1944 dated slouch hat with the RAAF puggaree with the blue fold. I was thinking of putting a cap badge on the front. The badge I have is on lugs and I don't fancy making holes in the hat or pug.
My question is, does the RAAF badge ever come fitted with a slider ?



graham 13-01-16 08:04 PM

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The Slouch hat.

slick_mick 13-01-16 09:31 PM

I have never seen one with a slider.

I suspect the answer will be no.


SAS1 13-01-16 10:44 PM

Nor me.

scotch 14-01-16 12:06 AM

Haven't seen one with a slider before. Personally I'd leave it as is, very nice period slouch hat. Thanks for sharing.


badgecollector 14-01-16 06:03 AM

never made with a slider.
leave it untouched

magpie 14-01-16 07:18 AM

Get a pin back one and it through the puggaree, shouldn't do it any harm and you've go your badge on it.

RCAF_Mike 14-01-16 08:03 PM

Leave it as it is, it's fantastic. I've never seen an RAAF badge with a slider, and if I did I'd be quite skeptical of it!

graham 14-01-16 09:54 PM

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Thanks for all the replies. Yes think I will leave well alone.

The leather sweat band showing Victoria State mark, size and date.



Lancer 17 16-01-16 10:19 AM

G'day Graham

That is one great looking slouch hat.

I have a very small collection of RAAF badges and the 2 blackened brass KC RAAF hat badges that I have both have lugs. As far as I know the only Aussie badges made with a slider are the WW 1 English made Rising Suns because at that time all UK badges had sliders and not lugs. I dont know that Ive ever seen an Aussie badge with a slider other trhan the rising suns of which I have 3.

Id leave the hat as it is, its a great display item.

I hope that this helps.



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