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juno-44 07-11-20 03:32 PM

43rd Ottawa and Carleton Rifles Badge
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Hi to all,

Is this a 43rd Ottawa and Carleton Battalion of Rifles belt buckle or is it just a fantasy piece? Thanking you all in advance and hoping to hear from some of you very soon.

Regards, juno-44

Bill A 07-11-20 05:15 PM

There are some similarities to the 1882 43rd Ottawa & Carleton Bn, but there is no record of such a badge.

leigh kitchen 07-11-20 05:27 PM

An officer's lady's belt locket?

Walt P 07-11-20 10:29 PM

Hello Juno 44,

It would be helpful to know where you acquired this item, and from what metal it is manufactured.

As Bill stated, your badge/buckle has similarities to an 1882 insignia, as presented in Daniel Mazeas' publication "CANADIAN MILITIA BADGES PRE 1914" (reference MM 141). However, from my experience, the circle (also known as an annulus) surrounding the battalion number "43" would have had the battalion motto of "ADVANCE" included above the numerals. Thus stated, it's not documented as being an approved piece of kit.

Regardless, someone has spent the time to create a unique item. Perhaps it's an undocumented buckle/cross belt plate, as Leigh alluded to "sweetheart" jewellery, or simply something similar which is known as "trench art". An interesting item which I would add to my collection.


juno-44 08-11-20 12:05 PM

Thank you to all

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