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Coral Mustang 21-01-17 06:51 PM


Originally Posted by peter monahan (Post 388240)
I'm putting the finishing touches on the biographies of 70 men from my area - Alliston, Simcoe Couty, Ontario - who died in WWI and two served in the MGC. Both were posted to the MGC batalion in the UK from infantry regiments broken up for reinforciong drafts on reaching England, and joined 18 months apart, so may very well have had different badging from 'originals' and earlier/later drafts. There were a number of variants on the MGC badge - the CEF Book Project on this forum shows a number of them.

Here is the full text of the 'Emma Gees' regimental hitory, BTW:

Thank you for passing this along- really an interesting read!

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