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Frank Kelley 16-02-20 04:09 PM

Okay, just wondered when I noted the RTR badge in that portrait.

rac1944 17-02-20 01:18 PM


Originally Posted by sketchley kid (Post 500291)
I was a bit concerned I thought you might be older than me....

I saw in an old post that you received your black beret whilst serving in the Bays in 1945. Could I ask, do you have any record of when the Bays changed over from FS caps to the black beret? I know they were one of if not the last regiment to swap khaki hats for black berets.

sketchley kid 17-02-20 10:34 PM

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It is a 1944 beret issued to me in 1945 in the RAC.....The Bays changed to the beret in mid 1946 and the red backing to badge at same time..
Mates in the 9th Lancers were still wearing FS hats as late as 1947 in Palestine.

loupie1961 26-02-20 11:44 AM


Originally Posted by sketchley kid (Post 500529)
None...Queen's Bays and 1st KDG...but Recall to 2nd RTR for two weeks Refresher Cent. Course for. Korea.....But McArthur said he could manage so didn't have to go to Korea.....

1st KDG? Private message sent!

sketchley kid 29-02-20 01:03 PM

PM sent.....are you in Italy?
I served in Palmanova 1946/47
I post on ...Genova 4th Dragons...on face book.

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