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billy 26-03-21 06:47 PM

Dog guarding the Buns, ??
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Hello, don't know if this is Military but what are your thoughts? Billy

Chacal 26-03-21 07:11 PM

Hi Billy

I'd say it is a Talbot (extinct breed of hunting dog) statant over a pile of roundels probably representing cannonballs, although I'm unable to find a match online. Hopefully someone more conversant with heraldry will add to or correct me if I'm wrong. Nice livery button anyway.


Hoot 26-03-21 08:14 PM

Back in Victorian times there was a brewery in Ealing, West London, called Stratton's. Maybe they had their company buttons named on the reverse.

dumdum 26-03-21 10:08 PM

My brother has suggested a hunting dog that has just found some rabbit droppings and is now looking for the rabbit....:p

billy 26-03-21 10:23 PM

Ferrero Rocher! So you can't blame it!

mike_vee 27-03-21 07:26 AM

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William Stratton , button maker , 20 Brewer Street , Golden Square , Westminster. (Source: Kelly's Post Office Directory 1891)

Button sold on eBay , simply described as livery button.


dumdum 27-03-21 09:19 AM


Originally Posted by billy (Post 543847)
Ferrero Rocher! So you can't blame it!

Isn't chocolate bad for dogs?:rolleyes:

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