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AATTV 19-01-21 08:23 PM

SAAF Bullion wings
Dear all,

A recent find, this nice bullion SAAF wings. However, the colours of the coat of arms seem to be inverted. Mistake by the manufacturer? If you have a clue about it... I have placed a half wing with the relevant colours as a comparison.



arrestingu 19-01-21 08:55 PM

Lovely originals !!
Best wishes

AATTV 20-01-21 11:34 AM


My new ones:



Alex Rice 20-01-21 03:44 PM

What is the RRAF wing? I'm not aware of any Rhodesian wing of that pattern, maybe a prototype?
Some lovely wings you have though!

milhistry 18-02-21 09:05 AM

The bullion ones would be intended for Blue Undress or Full Dress (pre WW2). Inversion likely a tailors mistake.
The other SAAF wings look fine. The RRAF letters one is IMO a fantasy item as I've never seen a photo of one worn and I have a personal interest in the SRAF/RRAF era so am always studying any new photos I come across from that period.

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