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Tanker Mike 13-07-20 07:50 PM

Unusual 48th
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Here is an unusual cap badge to the 48th Highlanders, it appears to be a cap badge that has been filled in with lead on the reverse. Anyone seen this before, or know why this has been done.


Sonofacqms 13-07-20 10:21 PM

Lead filling of badges
I wonder whether this badge was soldered on to a steel helmet during the Great War?

Or possibly a desk paperwight.


Tanker Mike 14-07-20 02:22 PM

I believe this is a SWW pattern.

Bill A 14-07-20 03:10 PM

That pattern of the 48th Highlanders badge was not authorized until 1922, and not adopted until much later. Circa 1936.

Sonofacqms 15-07-20 12:16 PM

Lead filled
Not being an expert on Canadian badges perhaps the paperweight theory may hold water!


48th 10-08-20 11:08 PM

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These badges were contracted by the regiment to a UK firm while in England.
I have also seen cast badges like that with a screw post added for use on a sapporn.

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