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badgecollector 19-11-08 09:06 AM

unusual and unknown raaf badge
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hi all
can anyone please identify this badge. it looks like a collar but its very small.
thanks in advance

sarmajor 20-11-08 01:31 PM

It is a RAAF MS collar badge (Metereological Service)

badgecollector 20-11-08 08:29 PM

thanks sarmajor,
i have never seen another of these before. i am now looking for another to make a pair, if anyone has one.
also, what other if any obscure collars are out there for the raaf

sarmajor 24-11-08 08:31 AM

Sorry, I can't really think of any others as such metal badges are rather uncommon.

Even though I have quite a few Air Force items I do not profess to be much on an expert on the RAAF.

MPS2SD 11-09-13 06:33 AM

Medical, Dental, Education & Chaplain to start with.

badgecollector 11-09-13 10:21 AM


Originally Posted by MPS2SD (Post 227864)
Medical, Dental, Education & Chaplain to start with.

thanks for the reply.
do you have any pics of the items you mentioned?

MPS2SD 12-09-13 06:00 AM

RAAF Badges

Yes I do, just have to get them out and work out how to attach them.

Also, there is a Pharmacist & WAAAF Service Police collar badge.

I do not own a Pharmacist badge, but do have a photo of one or two.

The Education badge was made in 2 sizes for collar & epaulet.



SAS1 12-09-13 06:18 PM

The rarest RAAF collar badge by far is the Pharmacists. It takes the form of the tandard medical collar badge, but with the addition of a gothic letter P. I believe there were only six holding that position.

Others are Christian Chaplain, Medical, Dental, Education and Met, all in bronze, post 1940. Pre that date they were gilt, dates of introduction differ. I'll add photos layer.

Incidently, although the badge has been about for a few years, the RAAF have just appointed their first Jewish Chaplain.

MPS2SD 14-09-13 12:01 AM

RAAF Collar Badges
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Got to get in quick before SAS1 post his photos.90201




militiaman 25-09-13 01:00 PM

RAAFcollar badge

There is also the RAAF Camouflage Section which looks like the top of a lion with a palm leaf across it. I have seen an oxidised collar. Do not know if in opposed pairs but I would suspect so.


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