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Jim Maclean 19-08-14 09:38 PM

Dorsetshire AA
Any thoughts on this "gem"

JerryBB 19-08-14 09:41 PM


Originally Posted by Jim Maclean (Post 274160)

I thought that most members here do not like to see active listings shown prior to their ending. I was watching it anyway and I would assume so is anyone else who has an interest in such badges, and certainly going by the price it is at already, then it is probably a good one and quite rare I guess.

slick_mick 19-08-14 11:13 PM

The price blew me away!

I didn't realise that some UK anodised badges go for such a price.


Silver Tourist 20-08-14 09:01 AM

The price of fame!
Good morning.

Good morning.

I am not sure why one would be surprised: I have previously commented on this Forum about Lancs. Fusiliers in A/A on Mr Bosley's website disappearing in minutes for GBP600, and West Yorks. examples have gone at Auction for GBP700+commission & VAT.

So, GBP 475 is chickenfeed.

It goes to show, PT Barnum was right.

And, hallmarked silver is as cheap as chips. Anyone seen a Parachute Regiment going cheap these days?



William 20-08-14 09:28 AM


Originally Posted by Silver Tourist (Post 274182)
GBP 475 is chickenfeed.

It goes to show, PT Barnum was right.


Nothing like being offensive about other collectors, eh?

Anyone who doesn't collect what you collect or have the same values as you have is an idiot, right?

Some people collect stuff for reasons other than money grubbing.


fougasse1940 20-08-14 07:49 PM

A Gaunt badge with a Firmin slider.

Rgds, Thomas.

Mike H 20-08-14 07:53 PM


Originally Posted by fougasse1940 (Post 274266)
A Gaunt badge with a Firmin slider.

Rgds, Thomas.

Are you suspisious Thomas ?

fougasse1940 20-08-14 08:01 PM

No I'm certain.

Rgds, Thomas.

Mike H 20-08-14 08:05 PM

Check your pm's Thomas

fougasse1940 20-08-14 08:33 PM

Checked and replied.

Rgds, Thomas.

Mike H 20-08-14 08:43 PM

Got to agree with you.

Jim Maclean 20-08-14 11:25 PM

Judging the clandestine PMs and comments that are in this thread some must agree with me that this is a fantasy piece.

Look at the quality, it really is abysmal. The sphinx looks more like a sloth that's had a shock three days ago. The letter engraving is dire. The back of the badge also looks like it's a shed production.

This is a "never was" badge.

bess55 21-08-14 02:51 AM

The badge in itself appears fine to me - however it has been repaired on the back. The original slider would appear to be missing (originally JR GAUNT LONDON marked no doubt) and repaired using an incorrect FIRMIN slider. The original rich gold anodising on this early badge is in contrast to the much lighter gold tint on the added FIRMIN slider.

dubaiguy 21-08-14 04:21 AM

In some separate email correspondence I was having with Forum member hagwalther (Chris Marsh) prior to the commencement of this thread he'd pointed out the very same thing as Bess & Thomas - that the slider was not original to the badge. I trust Chris doesn't mind me repeating his comment.

Interestingly the badge was originally placed on ebay by Endici at GBP7.99 before it was withdrawn and resubmitted at GBP350. I have no personal issue with that, but an interesting bid run to GBP475 nonetheless.


Major Dundee 21-08-14 09:52 AM

With reference to the last posting.
I have noticed that endici has done this quite a few times over the last few weeks listing items at a low price then after a few days without any bids ends the sale only to then relist it at a higher price which then gets a bid right away and sells for a well higher price.
Could it be he does not know what he has listed????

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