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3battalion 03-08-18 09:14 AM

Australian Cloth Badges 1950's to Vietnam
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Hello Gents,

Attached is a photo of a project I've been working on for a number of years. For the Aussies reading this please excuse the wonky shape of Oz as I did it by free hand.

If anyone can think of any badges I'm missing please let me know as I intend to straighten a few badges up then sew them to the backing?

A special mention must go to Ivan Gibson who designed a poster that gave me the inspiration for this project.


lettman 04-08-18 02:00 AM

A good comprehensive collection -- well done. Just to be on the fussy side: there was an Australian Cadet Corps patch; the Eastern Command waratah patch also came in a white background version with an all red flower; 3rd Inf Div and Army HQ patches came in KC and QC versions. Whether you want to include these variations is a matter of choice, of course.

lettman 04-08-18 02:08 AM

There was also the Australian Victory Contingent patch of 1946, but it depends how far you want to go back with your display.

Oz Ubique 04-08-18 03:37 AM

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Very nice display. I have yet to get a couple of those. Here is my collection.


3battalion 04-08-18 03:53 AM

Gents, thanks for the replies and suggestions. At the moment it's coming down to space and having one example of each of the patches.

As for the example the Australian Victory Contingent I'm fortunate to have one of these rare badges and am saving it for a 'Victory Parade' display.



badjez 05-08-18 02:48 AM

Australian Cloth

Nice to see your badges, there isn't usually much of an Australian representation on the forum.

If anyone is interested I have an album that includes Australian cloth items collected from the London Victory Parade. I've also listed a number of my spare Australian titles (being flagrant in seizing the opportunity!).

My current Australian interest is Australian cadet badges, so if anyone has anything to dispose of please pm me.

Regards, Stephen.

3battalion 05-08-18 08:24 AM

Thanks Stephen I'll take a look.


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