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rmarsden 05-12-19 11:00 AM

RHC collar
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Cant make up my mind if its OSD or toned/dirty gilding metal, two copper lugs to reverse. Can anyone match to a Brooker number?

Ian B 06-12-19 01:04 AM

RHC collar
Sorry, but I don't think you will find it in Brooker (I'm assuming you are referring to his seven volume series?). His books all start with badges from after WWI. The badge you show is from 1880's to 1914 (see Mazeas). He gives it as white metal, so I would suspect that it is rusty, maybe buried in barrels of dirt, to get rid of it as was done with excess badges in the past.


MarkGD 06-12-19 08:15 AM

Roy, the brooker reference i use.
Regards Mark

Scotlandthebrave 06-12-19 12:02 PM

Hello Ron,
The Brooker's "Standard Catalogue of Canadian Badges 1885 to date", book 3, shows page 65 a set of badges (glengarry and collars) introduced for the new Khaki Service Dress in 1912.

Badges are described as bronzed ones, but they have a J.R. Gaunt London tab at the reverse. (fig 105-11-43 and 105-12-43 and 13-43 for the collars)
I am sorry, there is no other reference in my book

rmarsden 06-12-19 12:09 PM

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Thank you guys, the Brooker book I was reffering to was his 1998 1st edition, which deals with pre WW1.

Scotlandthebrave 06-12-19 12:12 PM

yes, it's mine

rmarsden 06-12-19 12:13 PM

Sorry Jean-Marie I missed your post.
Thank you Ron.

rmarsden 06-12-19 12:29 PM

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Jean-Marie, I dont think it is the 105-12-43 example you have cited.
Indeed I have an example of that pattern see below. Note the swept back pointed ears.

Scotlandthebrave 06-12-19 12:58 PM

you are right, i saw that and the teeth and tusk also.

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