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Sonofacqms 30-11-21 08:22 PM

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I have been sorting through my RAF badges and have these two which I am not sure are RAF.

The crossed rifles seems to be on a darker background than normal RAF, is it something else?

The "J" in the wreath I think may be something else.

Thanks for looking.


dragon166 30-11-21 08:38 PM

The Marksman badge is RAF but the "I" badge is a Civil Defence Instructor badge. There are three variations, the blue (as yours), silver and gold.

Chacal 30-11-21 08:38 PM

Hi Rob

The first badge looks like a standard RAF Marksman's qualification badge, the second is a Civil Defence Instructor's badge, came in three colours.

All the best


Sonofacqms 30-11-21 08:57 PM

Thanks chaps, this forum is the answer to many queries.


Home Guard 30-11-21 10:06 PM

Interesting re the "I": patch as I was thinking it was probably WREN!!! That's why I love this forum - I learn something everyday!!!


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