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zorgon 02-03-21 09:43 PM

help dating a para qualification wing
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Can Forum members help with any info on this somewhat grubby para qualification wing please? What clues do you look for in deciding whether it's war or post war? Do the zig-zag parachute cords tell you anything? The somewhat flattened parachute?

Thanks in advance.

JerryBB 03-03-21 08:50 AM

The horizontal feathers and flaw in the wings is usually a sign of a wwii wing

arrestingu 03-03-21 10:40 AM

Zig zag lines are a good sign as is horizontal stitching , the chute appears to have do definitive lines which is an early indicator .to me it's a WW2 wing.
Regards steve

Colin S 03-03-21 12:18 PM

I agree with those above, for the same reasons - it’s a nice WWII wing

zorgon 04-03-21 12:21 AM

Thank you all for the insight, tips, comments and thoughts. Bonus for me that the consensus is that it's war-issue.

There are some great Para Galleries and Albums on the Forum but they don't always give dates.

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