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dumdum 05-04-21 06:56 AM

French medals, information appreciated
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Hello everyone

I'm hoping that by posting these photos again I will get some more information.

These both turned up together so I'm picking that there is some link between them.

If anyone can provide any information on Henry SANTIN I would be eternally grateful. I've done some digging in the French archives but would be very grateful for any links or suggestions.

Just 05-04-21 02:27 PM


the first one, UNC is Union Nationale des Combattants
I ask a french forum for infos about Mr Santin


dumdum 05-04-21 09:56 PM

Bonjour Didier,

Grand merci pour votre réponse.

Vous êtes trop aimable!:)


Just 13-04-21 08:04 AM


research in France didn't yield any results with french database

Henry is probably an english first name (Henri in France)

try with ancestry or something like that... ?


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