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Wouter 25-03-21 05:41 PM

Canadian Shoulder titles authenticity
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Good evening,

I have had these badges for a while and have my own opinions on the authenticity of them. I am interested to hear yours. I hope the photos are OK.



Tankdriver 05-04-21 06:57 PM

For the SFR, I am not able to confirm or deny. The ''G'' in regiment is the clue. The back matches up with that version of title but the red is brighter than the examples I have.

Bill A 06-04-21 11:44 AM

Hi Wouter,
The Sherbrooke Fusilier looks like the title made for a regimental reunion. If you can peel back the black backing material to see what is underneath, it can be determined if it is such. The Cameron's of Ottawa looks like a post war example. And the 17th Hussars could be wartime or postwar.

Wouter 06-04-21 07:33 PM

Thank you for your answers. What material should I see when peeling back the back of the Sherbrookes title?

Bill A 06-04-21 09:57 PM

If it is good, it should be the typical starch back. If a reunion piece it likely has a material that looks like cotton batten.

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