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rmarsden 17-05-19 10:20 AM

Black Watch 36-52
Officer's S/P and gilt glengarry badge.
Solid S/P back star mounted with a gilt overlay, to the centre a silver St. Andrew. Reverse with makers stamp LUDLOW LONDON, two silver loops now tarnished black. Unusually good quality badge for this maker.

grenadierguardsman 17-05-19 06:45 PM

Cracking badge.

Sunray9 17-05-19 07:01 PM

Stunning !!

Jeff Mc William 17-05-19 09:45 PM

Indeed stunning Ron. Thanks for sharring.

badgecollector 18-05-19 11:11 AM

love it

cbuehler 19-05-19 12:09 AM

It is unusually nice for Ludlow. I have a few officer badges by this maker and they are not quite up to Jennens or Gaunt with regard to overall detail and quality.


rmarsden 21-05-19 11:01 AM

Officers S/P gilt & WM glengarry badge.
This example by the same maker though not marked.
A cheaper version of the above, with open backed S/P star and plated lugs.
The same fine gilt overlay but mounted with a WM St. Andrew.

rmarsden 23-05-19 10:14 AM

A fine and scarce officers colour belt plate post war example.
Heavily stippled gilt rectangular plate mounted with a S/P star, rich gilt overlay with burnished letters on the motto. To the centre a silver St. Andrew. Two large belt loops to the rear.

rmarsden 28-05-19 10:02 AM

Officer's S/P and gilt glengarry badge.
Solid cast S/P back star with Andersons name plate. Mounted with gilt overlay now polished back to GM. To the centre a solid silver St. Andrew with separate securing tang. Polish residue on star.

rmarsden 03-06-19 09:37 AM

Officers S/P and gilt glengarry badge.
Fine quality badge with burnished highlights to the gilt. Die-struck star with a pronounced curve, although not marked I believe this to be Gaunt manufacture around 1950.

Drummajor 03-06-19 09:32 PM

Thanks for showing that. You really do have some magnificent Black Watch badges. Great to see. ( I once collected them myself.):)


Deadeye18 04-06-19 08:33 AM

Very impressive!

rmarsden 11-06-19 12:15 PM

Officers S/P and gilt glengarry badge.
Heay cast S/P back star 2mm thick mounted with a gilt overlay polished back to GM. To the centre an oversize silver St. Andrew his feet covering the oval. The reverse has two thick lugs with extra large apertures.

rmarsden 17-06-19 08:45 AM

1941 OR's economy issue.

rmarsden 23-06-19 08:36 PM

Unusual Sgts three piece S/P glengarry badge.
Reverse with three large sweat holes. You can see braze overun in voids of crown and just below the sphnix.

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